Våben / Renato Gamba
As far as it is known from available documents, the Gamba family came to the Gardone area from Bergamasco in the first half of the 18th century. Considering that a lot of famous families of barrel producers came to the chief town of Val Trompia during this time period, areas where there was important metallurgical activity, it seems safe to say that the Gamba family was originally from the Val Brembana and certainly already active in iron production. The insertion of the Gamba family in the area surrounding Gardone followed quickly and completely and, on the 5th of June, 1748, Giuseppe Gamba di Giacomo married Maddalena Belleri. Belleri was an ancient family of local gunsmiths, and the witnesses were Giuseppe Beretta (son of Ludovico) and Vincenzo Cominazzi. The relationship with these famous families permitted the Gambas to build up blood ties with those who represented “the best of the best” in barrels production. With these families we remember the marriage between Giuseppe Gamba and Giulia Bernardelli. (Giuseppe and Giacomo were, in the past, the most common names given to the sons of a family). What followed is yesterday’s history. Today the continuity of the tradition is entrusted to Renato Gamba and his son Enrico Gamba.

Renato Gamba

A producer not only wants to commit himself to make a shotgun or rifle of the highest order, but inspire into these objects a certain spirit and personality. His catalogue, therefore, cannot be just a simple listing of his products. It is my intention within this book to not only show the fine firearms connoisseur what we make, but why and how we make it the way we do. In order to explain why I make shotguns like the Daytona, or rifles like the Maxim, it would not be enough to just say they are fine firearms. I want to convey the fact that they are not only highly technologically designed, skillfully manufactured and beautifully decorated but are a part of myself, an obsession if you will. I was born into a gunsmiths family where together with the mother’s milk they began immediately to teach me the how and why of our work. A work to which I am fiercely attached and which I am very proud to do. It is the kind of work which can only be done with and out of passion, or rather with love.
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