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Our History: The original Fabbri design of all the parts, and the complete shotgun together, has been optimized several times over the years, using the most modern instruments available at the moment, including the most skilled workers, state of the art machines, CAD/CAM systems and simulation software. The first computerized milling machine was bought in 1974, and since then a very innovative, specialized and specific Technology was developed to achieve the best results in building high precision shotgun parts. Our Philosophy: "Hand made" or "Machine Made" is not necessarily something good or a quality assurance. Men using his skill and fantasy to drive hands and machines together are the best and only instruments available to seek perfection. The ancient artisan tradition and the most modern technology can be melted together in a beautiful shotgun. Our dream is trying to make the best looking and reliable "shooting machine" possible today. Every single part of the shotgun is designed and produced in house, from the smallest screw to the barrels, actions and everything else, using only the very best materials available today, optimized by specific vacuum heat-treatments.


Tullio Fabbri, shotgun maker to the stars. His clients include director Steven Spielberg, actor Tom Selleck, rocker Eric Clapton and writer-director John Milus. “A lot of very, very wealthy people in the public eye are Fabbri owners,” That’s because Fabbri shotguns are recognized as the pinnacle of shotgun achievement. Fabbris are technically perfect, and with their stunning Renaissance and fantasy-style engravings are truly “functional artwork,” Today you can purchase a matched pair of new 12-gauge Fabbris for kr. 2.495.000,- The starting price for a new Fabbri is kr. 650.000,-and the waiting list can be up to five, very long years for a bespoke shotgun. The Fabbri Vision The scarcity, quality and star-power of Fabbris elevates them into the same rarefied universe as the British legends: Purdey, Holland & Holland and Boss. Yet while these institutions have been making shotguns for hundreds of years, Mr. Fabbri’s father, Ivo, started the firm in 1965. The remarkable trajectory of Fabbri is a testament to the craftsmanship and vision that catapulted this tiny shotgun company straight to the top. So what is the secret to a Fabbri shotgun?  Tullio Fabbri explain “We have to use anything we can afford to do our job better,” he said. “The design and mechanics of our guns change according to new technology.” The payoff, is “The details. A Fabbri gun is absolutely perfect. Not a flaw, not a burr, not anything that would cause that gun mechanical failure. They are mechanically perfect, and as close to perfection in an over-and-under shotgun there is.” Only 30 Fabbris per Year As a matter of course, Fabbri has been at the forefront of computerization and advanced manufacturing -- an approach that some critics judge as extreme when you consider that the business employs only 16 people who make approximately 30 shotguns per year. ” Mr. Fabbri said. “We keep working very hard to make improvements. The design of the gun is alive -- it’s a laboratory for people who really want the best.”
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