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About Harris Tweed Scotland Limited Harris Tweed Scotland Limited manufacture Harris Tweed men’s jackets from the finest quality Harris Tweed woven by hand in the Western Isles of Scotland. You can buy our Harris Tweed jackets for men from the Harris Tweed online shop or from discerning gentleman's retailers throughout the world. Inspired by the original Harris Tweed jacket that defined the ‘English Country Gentleman’ at the turn of the 19th Century, we offer a classic gentleman’s Harris Tweed jacket in a range of 4 elegant tweeds and a more fitted jacket in three different tweeds. Our Stornoway mill is the oldest producer of Harris Tweed in the Outer Hebrides and has been producing Harris Tweed since 1906. The process has changed little over the last 100 years. Virgin wool is dyed and spun into yarn that is delivered to the homes of crofters throughout the islands. Then, as their ancestors have done for centuries, the crofters weave the Harris Tweed using traditional hand looms. This process gives our Harris Tweed jackets for men their unique blend of colour and quality. The handwoven Harris Tweed fabric is then returned to the mill to be expertly washed and finished. Only when the Harris Tweed Authority inspector has hand checked every 50 metre length of Harris Tweed cloth, is it stamped with the famous Orb trademark and released to be made into Harris Tweed jackets. Harris Tweed Scotland Limited directly employs over 30 islanders on the Isle of Harris and provides work for over 100 self-employed crofters throughout the Western Isles. We have our own warehouses in Europe from where our jackets are distributed. We are the only completely vertical company that manufactures and retails genuine Harris Tweed jackets. Our company is proud of the Harris Tweed heritage of which it is part and is thoroughly commited to protecting and furthering the industry that has helped shape the remote Scottish islands of the Outer Hebrides.
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